How 2B ConFUSED is Randophonic radio‘s current focus.

This is our latest countdown, also our longest, most random and least concise, tracking as it does the 1499 Records We All Really Need To Hear Before The Eschaton Immenatizes.

Whatever that means.

It means we’ll be at it until either the end of time, or we hit #1, whichever happens first (assuming both don’t happen in simultaneous singularity). It all started back in 2020. Covid was in the air. Donald Trump was still president. Our much vaunted Final Countdown had crashed and burned for various reasons.

Everybody was confused. And they still are, we’re pretty sure.

Which makes How To Be Confused not an antidote to anything, but maybe an aid. Or as Philip Random put it at some point, “Don’t jump to dire and calamitous conclusions but rather kick back and allow yourself to consoled and cajoled by the one-thousand-four-hundred-ninety-nine records we all really need to hear before the eschaton immenatizes. So we’re all on the same page … when that big door finally opens.”

What big door? And seriously, what does it mean to immenatize an eschaton?

We don’t know exactly. And neither does Philip. What we do know is the music is good, and so is the noise, so maybe that’s where the answers are. In the radio programs themselves.

That link is to the more recent shows — everything since we got to the final 499 selections. As for the previous thousand, you can find some of those podcasts here, but most are (for various reasons) not currently available. That will hopefully change,

Regarding our selection progress, each record on the countdown list has had to pass through at least three filters:

1. by some definition, it would be a suitable choice for the last song we might ever hear should the world end before we get to #1.

2. in some way, it argues for the continuance of this great and not entirely mad experiment we humans (etc) are in the midst of here on planet Earth,

3. it doesn’t violently trigger any allergies in the Council of Four (ie: they can still bear to actually listen to them)

Who is this Council of Four?

Philip Random is one of them, as is Bill Mullan (host of Randophonic).

The other two are Motron and The Man With Two Hats, both of whom have no interest in anything more being known about them. But trust that they know their shit (musically speaking), and their gold for that matter.

Finally, the most important thing is to actually listen to the radio programs. Which are currently airing pretty much every Saturday night at 11pm (Pacific Time) c/o CiTR.FM.101.9.