Randophonic is …

Randophonic is a radio program which broadcasts pretty much every Saturday night (11pm-2am Pacific Time) on CiTR.FM.101.9 (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada).

If it’s currently Saturday night into Sunday morning (11pm-2am Pacific Time), you can stream Randophonic live right now.

If you’re interested in past shows, Randophonic has posted a pile of stuff to its MixCloud page. There’s also our podcast archive (click on the episode in question to stream it, or if you wish to download it, right-click select “save link as”).

Randophonic’s Facebook is mostly up to date. Please do like us. Not only will it make us feel better but it’s probably the best way to stay on top of day-to-day Randophonic action.

What kind of a radio show is Randophonic? Apparently, we rate as eclectic. Which is a boring way of saying that we don’t do anything in particular (except for when we do). Because as far as we’re concerned, there are only two kinds of music. Good and bad. We endeavour to play only the good stuff. Who cares what part of town, part of the world, part of the galaxy it’s from?


Randophonic’s main focus of late is The Solid Time of Change, our overlong yet incomplete history of the so-called Prog Rock era (1965-1979), which we’re presenting in countdown form (661 selections spread across approximately a year of programming). There will likely be occasional detours and/or reruns but for most part, expect a fresh two hour cosmic and complex journey through the past every week.

There is also a Movie of the Week pretty much every week. These are, for the most part, uninterrupted almost hour long mixes — movies without pictures.


Recently (up until February 2016), Randophonic main focus was A Young Person’s Guide to Getting Wasted (aka the 531 Greatest Drug Related Records of the 1990s). The argument was (and still is) that the 1990s were the greatest music decade ever (if you were wasted and almost everybody was — at least that’s how it seemed at the time). These programs are well documented at Mixcloud.

Before Young Person’s Guide, Randophonic’s focus was rather retro and resolutely pop with a series of programs called St. Steven’s POP Apocalypse (aka the 333 most Singular Records of All Time). This is also fairly well documented at Mixcloud.

You may also have heard of Philip Random’s All Vinyl Countdown + Apocalypse (aka The 1,111 Greatest Records You’ve Probably Never Heard). That kept us busy for all of 2012 plus chunks of 2011 and 2013 as well. We’d link you to the podcasts but they seem to have gotten lost recently in some sinister time slip. Don’t worry. We’re currently revisiting the whole thing one record at a time, one day at a time, here at Randophonic.com.  And we’ll probably get the podcasts re-posted eventually.


randophonic*@*gmail.*com (remove *), or you can message us via the Facebook Page.


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