Movie of the Week

Most Randophonic programs conclude with what we call a Movie of the Week (M.O.W.), an interruption free almost hour long set of music and/or noise that pursues a common theme, or as the host puts it, “A movie without pictures, just close your eyes and let the soundtrack take you somewhere you’ve never been.”


It can be as simple as playing a particularly unified album in its entirety, or a mixed set of a particular artist’s work. It can be as open ended as an old mixtape recently found in a drawer with no accompanying track or artist info, but which nevertheless has a great flow, so it makes for a cool mystery. And almost every great movie is a mystery at heart.

As we pursue the at times limited palette of the Solid Time of Change (aka the 661 greatest records of the so-called Prog Rock era), the goal with our movies will be to focus on other progressive music – stuff that, for whatever reason, falls outside the parameters of the Solid Time of Change. Maybe it’s from after 1979. Maybe it features more of an avant artist as opposed to a prog artist (whatever these terms even mean – we’re still trying to figure it all out).  Maybe we just feel it’s time for a good laugh.

A typical M.O.W. starts at 1am (Pacific Time) and eventually winds down just before 2am. But sometimes we shake things up. Sometimes we’ll go longer if the theme demands it. Sometimes a movie will take up an entire three hour program. Whatever is necessary.