635. click clack

In which the good captain (Beefheart, that is) kicks out more of those blues so authentic it can only feel surreal to hear them coming from a white man. But then you actually listen to what’s going on and you realize, this isn’t authentic at all. It’s mutant, working curves and angles that feel positively alien. Of course, he did go to high school with Frank Zappa. Which raises the question, who the hell else went to Antelope Valley High back in the day?  And what was in the water?



1 thought on “635. click clack

  1. Though your question may be rhetorical, the strict answer regarding Lancaster/Antelope Valley was that I believe most of the original Magic Band were also local to the area. Doug Moon and Alex Snouffer/St. Clair were for sure.

    Nowhere near as smoking as the video cut you linked, but I mused about what it must have been like for Zappa and Van Vliet as teenagers in a performance, audio linked here https://frankhudson.org/2016/08/12/as-august-empties


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