607. Telegram Sam

“I did hear Telegram Sam at least once way back when, and my immediate teeny bop take was, ‘this sounds exactly like that other T-Rex song‘. And I was right. But ultimately, wrong. Because what I was really referring to was T-Rex‘s groovy, funky, rockin’ one in a trillion sound. Which I didn’t really get for at least another decade, which is when Bauhaus’s rather raucous take on Telegram Sam nudged me into paying attention again. Pop for the ages, glamorous and forever cool.” (Philip Random)



2 thoughts on “607. Telegram Sam

  1. The embedded video is blocked for me, and just going by the text I’m not quite sure which version you’re including in the Apocalypse: T. Rex’s or Bauhaus’s? (I’ve long loved T. Rex’s and am enjoying Bauhaus’s.)


  2. its the T-Rex version. Sorry about about the blockage. Still works here in Canada. And I’m with you. Bauhaus’s take is excellent as well. I love it when a song can go more than one way, and still deliver.


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