191. we did it again

Soft Machine released a pile of albums in their time, but for whatever reason, I never really got past the early ones, the first in particular. 1968 was the year and if you like your psychedelia wild, weird, noisy and more or less free of recognized form, well, let’s just say the revolution starts here (and possibly dissolves as well). Though in the case of We Did It Again, you get a nifty sort of drone driven garage pop that sounds as relevant (in a noisy sort of way) as pretty much anything new I’m currently hearing . All hail the eternal underground.” (Philip Random)




1 thought on “191. we did it again

  1. It’s simple enough ostinato, so independent discovery is possible, but for me this is always the “Stronger Than Dirt” riff drilled into my brain from a widespread US TV commercial (and also used in the Doors “Touch Me”)

    is and example of the ad. Anyway, I to am especially fond of the first two Soft Machine LPs.


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