979. “Remembering The Ancient”

“It would probably be my favourite Yes album if they called it Tales From a Can of Worms instead of Topographic Oceans – this from old friend Motron who, like a stopped clock, isn’t always wrong. For me, it’s simple. I bought Tales From Topographic Oceans when I was fifteen immediately after seeing Yes live for the first time and having my mind (and soul) blown. And being a typically broke fifteen year old, I was stuck with it, the only new album I had for that summer. So I dove in, determined to love it whether I liked it or not. I ventured very deep indeed. So much so that it’s the two more difficult middle sides that engulfed me the most, even if I couldn’t have told you what any of it meant beyond EVERYTHING, and something to do with some ancient Hindu scriptures. This edit is something I felt compelled to put together back in the 1980s, trying to prove a point to a fellow DJ, failing.” (Philip Random)

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