765. Atom Heart Mother [the groovy part]

“The title’s cool. Atom Heart Mother. Doesn’t get much heavier than that. But it’s the cow that grabbed me, which I first saw as a poster in a record store when I was maybe twelve. No group or album name. Just this cow gazing cowlike from its green field.  I didn’t get it, but I guess it got me. Later, a friend told me it was Pink Floyd, who I’d heard of but never actually heard (this being a two or three years before Dark Side of the Moon would become as common as allergies in springtime). ‘They’re acid rock,’ said my friend, which instantly meant extreme. Because acid could eat metal, right?  But then I actually heard Atom Heart Mother and it was more weird than anything, like a symphony, except it was a rock band, with space ships in the distance, and then choirs and things. No metal being eaten anywhere, unless that’s what the cow was doing, calm, significant, like a Hindu god. I particularly liked the groovy part in the middle.” (Philip Random)




1 thought on “765. Atom Heart Mother [the groovy part]

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