642-641. eleven o’clock tick tock + the ocean

“Two in a row from way the hell back in the U2 story (and as eventually found on the R.O.K. 12″), way before all the fame and riches and boredom. My boredom, that is. I blame Joshua Tree. Though I guess it wasn’t the songs so much as the environment. U2 just weren’t as good anymore in those huge stadiums. Give me the Commodore Ballroom any day, 1981, three dollar ticket, maybe a thousand curious punks and new wavers. I’m pretty sure they did Eleven O’Clock Tick Tock as the encore that night, and the whole show actually began with The Ocean. But either way, the place went mad. Or as a friend said at the time, it’s like they weren’t playing songs, they were playing us, the audience. The songs were what we sounded like. He’d dropped acid.” (Philip Random)



2 thoughts on “642-641. eleven o’clock tick tock + the ocean

  1. I remember them playing “I Will Follow” twice because they’d run out of songs (or inspiration) Anyhow, Bono and Larry ended up at the Luv-a-fair after the show and I bought them a pint. So they owe me.


  2. I do remember hearing I Will Follow twice (the only song I knew going in). And re: after the show. I’d parked in the alley behind the Commodore (you could do that in those days). And just as we (me and a few friends) were about to drive off, there was a knock on the window. It was Larry, asking if I was the Car-Hire. “Yes,” I wanted to say, except I had a car full of friends. So I blew it. My one and only chance to penetrate U2’s inner sanctum. On the other hand, I’m not out a couple of pints.


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