33. The Solid Time Of Change

Installment #33 of the Solid Time of Change aired on Saturday March-25-2017 (c/o CiTR.FM.101.9).

Podcast (Solid Time begins a few minutes in). Youtube playlist (somewhat inaccurate).

The Solid Time of Change is our overlong yet incomplete history of the so-called Prog Rock era – 661 selections from 1965 through 1979 with which we hope to do justice to a strange and ambitious time indeed, musically speaking.


Part Thirty-Three of the journey went as follows:

  1. Jethro Tull – skating away on the thin ice of a new day
  2. David Bowie – starman
  3. David Bowie – moonage daydream
  4. Hawkwind – space is deep
  5. Jon Anderson – flight of the moorglade
  6. Jon Anderson – solid space
  7. Jon Anderson – Moon Ra
  8. Jon Anderson – song of search
  9. Yes – Remembering the Ancient
  10. Gong – psychological overture
  11. Gong – The Isle of Everywhere
  12. Gong – master builder

Fresh episodes air pretty much every Saturday night, starting 11 pm (Pacific time) c/o CiTR.FM.101.9, with streaming and download options available within twenty-four hours via our Facebook page.


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