619. the big music

“The Big Music is the first Waterboys song I ever heard and it didn’t do much for me. It felt too on the nose, and anyway, wasn’t Big Music U2’s thing? But a decade slipped past and I guess I found it serving a different purpose. More of a statement of intent (from Mike Scott in particular) than some half-baked U2 rip-off. Because the Waterboys had since proven themselves entirely their own unique beast, and pagan at that, like the wild crash of surf on a northern shore, at sunset, everything turning blood red. I actually saw that happen once, off Ireland, while listening to a different Waterboys track. Proof that gods exist, and here they were showing off at the edge of things. And they’re still at it, by the way. The Waterboys, that is. I can’t speak for the gods.” (Philip Random)


915. liberator


In which the band known as Spear of Destiny deliver some seriously Big Music. U2 started the trend, sort of. The Waterboys put a name to it. Any number of bands played it through the 80s. Not just big in terms of sound, but also intention. Change the world. Overthrow kings. Right what is wrong. Tell the truth. Praise God (or whoever). Much of it ended up being pretty embarrassing, of course, but every now and then you just couldn’t argue with the power, the passion, the enormity. Like Liberator. “Exactly what you needed to hear in 1984, what with Big Brother officially on the move and all.” (Philip Random)