1091. Europe Endless

From one of those albums that changed everything forever, Kraftwerk give us superlative Euro-travel music. Just put on the headphones, stare out the window of your moving vehicle, get lost in the trance of history and modernity, wreckage and beauty.




1092. sweet murder

The Blow Monkeys being typical of much of the big, passionate so-called blue-eyed soul that was coming out of Britain in the 1980s – the singer’s voice just wasn’t fully up to it. So it tends to be the more instrumentally “out there” tracks that stand the test, like Sweet Murder (once the normal singing has concluded), free to funk up and space out.

1093. Kotton Krown

Sister being the album where Sonic Youth seemed to start liking what normal people might begin to call music, Kotton Krown being a song that suggested it was time to take control of the chemistry again, manifest the mystery again. The 1980s seldom sounded so eloquently psychedelic.

1094 . rainbow enemy

Count the Ids among the very many solid outfits that got signed to record deals in the confusing wake of the grunge thing of the early 90s … but then not much happened. We only heard one album from them, and it was a good one, but for whatever reason, the world wasn’t up to taking notice. Maybe The Man wasn’t amused with their smartass point of view. “F*** the system, eat the machine, make them pay for my room and board.”

1095. no fun

The Stooges don’t get explained. You either get them or you don’t. In the case of No Fun, that means you luxuriate in the simple to the point of dumb repetitiveness of what amounts to a bored seven year old throwing a tantrum. Because who among us is not sometimes that seven year old? F*** this boring sh** – I will now roll around on broken glass and it will be beautiful.” (Philip Random)

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1096. victory

NoMeansNo, maybe the greatest Canadian rock based combo ever in the history of anything, weighs in with an epic number that can easily be dedicated to every sorry asshole that ever got his ass handed to him (or her) – in a poker game, in a sporting event, in battle, in love. Because it’s true, failure and humiliation are magnitudes more achievable than success. So eat them, digest them, then move on. And leave the vengeance crap to the gods – that stuff just eats mortal souls.” (Philip Random)

1097. the last film

Somewhere, there’s an alt-universe where Kissing The Pink stomped the world with their pop smart New Romantic stylings and insights. As is, they came, they had one minor hit in Britain (the song in question here), they failed to conquer. The upside being, we never got sick of them.

1098. cowgirl in the sand

Come 1973, The Byrds were mostly past their sell-by (having even broken up for a while), but that didn’t stop them from taking a Neil Young + Crazy Horse monster jam and reinventing it as a spry country pop tune that, in a better world, might have topped the charts.

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1099. celebration

PFM (short for Premiata Forneria Marconi the name of a restaurant apparently) being the best damned prog rock outfit to ever come out Italy, Celebration being a playful rush of classically infused rock that’s so nimble and smart you don’t have time to realize how ridiculous it is.