717. nature

“The Beatnigs only released one album, and it’s unique. A place where industrial noise and all manner of other musics don’t so much blend as find a way to grind together, intensely and intelligently, with Nature a standout because I agree with Michael Franti, yeah, I love all the doves and coyotes and flamingoes and rats running wild and free, but short of a dog or two, all of my favorite animals are human.” (Philip Random)

(photo: Cor Jabaiij)

1080. C.I.A.

Before there was a Disposable Heroes of HipHopracy, before there was a Spearhead, Michael Franti‘s considerable talents could be found in the Beatnigs, who were a mixed bag in every possible way. Funk, industrial, punk, powertools, chunks of raw metal, genuine FIRE.  It all caught Jello Biafra’s attention, and likely the CIA’s as well.