686. nobody’s fault but mine

“As my friend Mark once put it, Presence is the good Led Zeppelin heroin album — the mostly sh** one being In Through The Out Door as Jimmy Page was too f***ed up to care. Either way, the Zeppelin’s days of full-on world dominance and glory were slipping past them by 1976, which didn’t exactly stop them from laying down some of the evilest blues mankind has ever known. Even if Nobody’s Fault But Mine is about taking personal responsibility for the mess you’re in, which, when you think about it, is very mature behavior, not really evil at all.” (Philip Random)


1022. hots on for nowhere

Led Zeppelin didn’t have a whole lot left in their tank by 1976. Which isn’t to say that, on a good day, they still weren’t one of the most devastating four-pieces the world would ever know. Case in point, Hots On For Nowhere wherein rhythmatists John Bonham and John Paul Jones give full rein to their love of all things groovy, which the other two turn sideways, inside-out, any which way but where you think it might be going. And it rocks.