1094 . rainbow enemy

Count the Ids among the very many solid outfits that got signed to record deals in the confusing wake of the grunge thing of the early 90s … but then not much happened. We only heard one album from them, and it was a good one, but for whatever reason, the world wasn’t up to taking notice. Maybe The Man wasn’t amused with their smartass point of view. “F*** the system, eat the machine, make them pay for my room and board.”

1103. the bird

“Nobody’s ever going to care that much about what happened in 1997 unless they were born or maybe they lost their virginity, or they saw God on some acid trip. But the rest of us were all fixed on the End by then – the turning of the millennium, the future if we had one.  Maybe that’s why Tranquility Bass’s mega double album Let The Freak Flag Fly made so much sense. Techno-hippie types getting lost in the music and likely a whole lotta drugs (a full thirty years after the Summer of Love) on some unnamed Gulf Island, mixing everything up, wondering what god must look like.  Someone had to.”  (Philip Random)

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