444. this time tomorrow

“I still get into this argument. The Kinks are great, no question, but they’re not Beatles- Stones-Who-Led-Zeppelin great, mainly, I guess, because they never truly cut it as an album band, certainly not that consistently. And yet, their 1970 long-player Lola vs the Powerman + the Money-go-round Part 1 (now there’s a mouthful) is the only place you’re going to find This Time Tomorrow (on original vinyl anyway). Because it never got a single release, never showed up on any Best Ofs. Which means, you do need to own that vinyl, because if you’re anything like me, it will save your life for a week or two in late winter 1996, give glue to a world that is otherwise not holding together.” (Philip Random)



904. feelin’ blue

Based on ample evidence, it’s easy to think of CCR as a singles band and dig no further, but then you’d miss out on a gem like Feelin’ Blue, a straight up bluesy jam that still feels fresh and relevant and coming from a nearby garage. “I first heard it around age twelve, so I didn’t much get it, or like it. But when you’ve only got maybe five albums in your collection, you tend to keep listening until you do get it. I didn’t like whiskey much then either, but I wasn’t going to get drunk just sitting there looking at it.” (Philip Random)