150. ramble tamble

“As albums go, few from any era can top Creedence Clearwater Revival‘s 1970 monster Cosmo’s Factory, if only for the six charting singles. Let me say that again: six charting singles. That’s more than many successful bands get in a career. And then there’s Ramble Tamble (the best track on the album, maybe from their entire career) which wasn’t released as a single, because it was too long, too weird, a tough swampy rock song bookending an absolutely epic jam. In other words, this is me, twelve or thirteen, in my cousin’s bedroom, headphones on, getting sent, getting educated as to where music could go — that a song could be way more than just sticky sweet candy to get played on the radio between ads for soda pop and jeans. Welcome to my future.” (Philip Random)

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904. feelin’ blue

Based on ample evidence, it’s easy to think of CCR as a singles band and dig no further, but then you’d miss out on a gem like Feelin’ Blue, a straight up bluesy jam that still feels fresh and relevant and coming from a nearby garage. “I first heard it around age twelve, so I didn’t much get it, or like it. But when you’ve only got maybe five albums in your collection, you tend to keep listening until you do get it. I didn’t like whiskey much then either, but I wasn’t going to get drunk just sitting there looking at it.” (Philip Random)