469. time waits for no one

Time Waits for No One is arguably the Rolling Stones‘ most beautiful song — epic and tragic and the kind of nugget that got at least a little radio play back in the day. Years later, I discovered it was mostly Mick Taylor‘s accomplishment. He didn’t write it, but he did everything else, fought for it in the studio, played the guitar solo. And then, as the story goes, he was done. He quit the band, did a good job of becoming completely obscure. Apparently, heroin was involved.” (Philip Random)


1059. short + curlies

It’s called Short and Curlies but what the Stones are really concerned with here is getting grabbed by the balls, and not just figuratively. From 1974’s It’s Only Rock’n’Roll  which really should have been their last album. Commit suicide live on stage, crash and burn. Or better yet, just mysteriously disappear, never be seen (or heard) again.

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