240. It’s all over now, Baby Blue

Technically, It’s All Over Now Baby Blue shouldn’t be on this list as its recording precedes the Like A Rolling Stone snare shot that allegedly gave impetus to the apocalypse in question. But such is the nature of a rupture in the space-time continuum, there’s often an implosion-like suck that throws key details of the recent past forward, mixes them up with the various smithereens currently floating around. Thus, we find yonder orphan with his gun crying like a fire in the sun. It makes perfect sense if you’ve got the right kind of eyes, and ears. Also worth noting: It’s All Over Now Baby Blue is the solo acoustic piece that young Bob Dylan chose to calm the crowd after his legendary electric set at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival went so horribly wrong/right. No serious apology intended.




21. The Solid Time Of Change

Part Twenty-One of the Solid Time of Change aired Saturday November-12-2016 c/o CiTR.FM.101.9.

Youtube playlist (not entirely accurate).

This continues to be Randophonic’s main focus, our overlong yet incomplete history of the so-called Prog Rock era (presented in countdown form) – 661 selections from 1965 through 1979 with which we hope to do justice to a strange and ambitious time indeed, musically speaking.


Part Twenty-One of the journey went as follows:

  1. Jeff Beck Group – Beck’s Bolero
  2. Mothers of Invention – Money Fragments
  3. Camel – lady fantasy
  4. Pink Floyd – let there be more light
  5. Pink Floyd – absolute curtains
  6. Pink Floyd – Atom Heart grooving
  7. Spirit – like a rolling stone
  8. Poco – Rose of Cimarron
  9. It’s a Beautiful Day – white bird
  10. Van Der Graaf Generator – pilgrims
  11. Amon Duul II – Kanaan
  12. Amon Duul II – phallus dei [edit]

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