184. locust

“Of course 1987 would be a locust summer, being the midpoint between the two winters, 1987 and 1988, that would come to represent the full de-flowering of the so-called Winter of Hate, Current 93’s David Tibet being its sort of patron saint and/or hell demon. But seriously, this stuff is sinister for damned sure, but also mysteriously beautiful and heartfelt. Just because a man is pointing into the maw of Moloch does not make him an agent of Moloch – just a messenger, filing a missive on the topic of Apocalypse (ongoing) by way of wigged out folk music by way of deep and dark industrial sturm + drang, or as a friend put it late one psychedelic evening, ‘this neo-Christian-pagan rigmarole I can’t seem to get enough of.’ The album in question is called Imperium, and yes, it goes places.” (Philip Random)


1087. is anybody home?

“I have no idea who Trisomie 21 are, or where this record  even came from. It just showed up in my collection sometime in the mid-80s (a confusing time indeed), the hideous cover being precisely the kind of thing you couldn’t ignore. And then you’ve got whatever’s going on in Is Anybody Home? The singer’s trying to croon, not really pulling it off, but the mix is so deranged it works anyway. A reminder that the 80s were stranger than anyone gives them credit for.” (Philip Random)