481. fade to grey

Fashion victims, we called them. Also sophistos, or simply haircuts. But the correct term was New Romantic. And we could make all the fun we wanted, they had some of the best tunes for a while, with Fade To Grey particularly notable, because it was Visage, Steve Strange‘s group, the guy who’d started it all, shrugged off the ugly extremes of punk and replaced them with a more alluring and androgynous aesthetic – equal parts beautiful and absurd. Glam retro-fitted for the 1980s. And Fade To Grey was definitely beautiful.” (Philip Random)



1097. the last film

Somewhere, there’s an alt-universe where Kissing The Pink stomped the world with their pop smart New Romantic stylings and insights. As is, they came, they had one minor hit in Britain (the song in question here), they failed to conquer. The upside being, we never got sick of them.