15. reSEARCH

Childhood + Steam, installment #15 of The Research Series aired in July-2018 on CiTR.FM.101.9.

The fifteenth of a planned forty-nine movies (without pictures), each forty-nine minutes long, featuring no particular artist, theme or agenda beyond boldly going … who knows? Or as Werner Von Braun once put it, “Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing.” And we definitely have no idea where all this will take us.


15. childhood + steam

Bob Dylan – if dogs run free
Flying Lizards – in my lifetime
Mo Bama – ijimuge two
Faithless – childhood [deep]
Neu – isi
Can – chain reaction [edit]
Laswell Ambient – aum fragments
King Crimson – the mincer [abbreviated]
David Sylvian – ancient evening
Scaredy Cat – you and I
Brian Eno + Jah Wobble – steam

Further installments of the Research Series will air most Sundays at approximately 1am (Pacific time) c/o CiTR.FM.101.9, with Mixcloud streams usually available within twenty-four hours.