270. Legend of a girl child Linda

“More proof that when it came to a certain sunlit psychedelic sweetness (which it seems was only ever achieved by anybody in and around 1966-67) the singer songwriter (some called him a poet) known as Donovan had no peer. Yes, Bob Dylan’s poetry went deeper and destroyed more fascists, and Donovan did on occasion get lost in hippy dippy wormholes, but its darned hard to argue with the mystical magical stuff of Sunshine Superman (the album) and a song like Legend of a Girl Child Linda in particular … whatever it’s about. Because I never really seem to be able to track it all the way through, the trance takes me, like I’m stuck in someone else’s dream, and sumptuous it is, all cascading crystals, hillsides of velvet, valleys of flowers.” (Philip Random)


1030. Bert’s blues

Donovan’s gotten a raw deal over the years, oft dismissed as that hippie-dippy lightweight who got his ass handed to him by Bob Dylan in that movie. But actually listen to the music, particularly some of the non radio hits, and a fuller picture emerges of a guy that was onto something uniquely his own, both musically (working the psychedelic edges with some very hot players) and lyrically: go looking for a good girl, end up at the edge of Hades, facing down the legions of Lucifer himself. Such are the blues. Just ask Bert.