35. The Solid Time Of Change

Installment #35 of the Solid Time of Change aired on Saturday April-8-2017 (c/o CiTR.FM.101.9).

Podcast (Solid Time begins a few minutes in). Youtube playlist (somewhat inaccurate).

The Solid Time of Change is our overlong yet incomplete history of the so-called Prog Rock era – 661 selections from 1965 through 1979 with which we hope to do justice to a strange and ambitious time indeed, musically speaking.


Part Thirty-Five of the journey went as follows:

  1. Emerson Lake + Palmer – from the beginning
  2. Isaac Hayes – Theme from Shaft
  3. Deodato – Also Sprach Zarathustra
  4. Beatles – across the universe
  5. Rolling Stones – 2000 light years from home
  6. Queen – ogre battle
  7. Queen – the fairy feller’s master-stroke
  8. Queen – nevermore
  9. Jesus Christ Superstar London Cast – Overture
  10. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – father of night father of day
  11. Frank Zappa – Big Swifty
  12. Steve Hackett – spectral mornings
  13. Steve Hackett – land of a thousand autumns
  14. Steve Hackett – please don’t touch
  15. Steve Hackett – the voice of Necam
  16. Steve Hackett – Icarus Ascending

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815. rambling on

“I came across Procol Harum‘s second album (Shine on Brightly) sometime in the teenybop blur of my early 1970s. My friend Joseph had it, grabbed from his older sister who’d lost interest. We’d play it a lot, getting off on the out there lyrics and the not too shabby songs that gave them room to move. The rather aptly titled Rambling On seems to be about a guy who sees a Batman movie and decides he can fly, which doesn’t make sense because everybody knows that Batman can’t fly. Eventually the guy comes crashing to earth but doesn’t get hurt, just tears his underclothes. Not exactly on par with Dylan, which is how people were thinking of these guys at the time.” (Philip Random)


914. hey gyp (dig the slowness)

Donovan b-side from before he started up with smoking banana peels, going all sunshine superman. The image is of a young back country Scottish guy doing a pretty solid early-Dylan-beat-vagabond thing, then stumbling into London just in time to catch things at the brink of starting to swing, trying to make sense of it, digging the slowness.


1030. Bert’s blues

Donovan’s gotten a raw deal over the years, oft dismissed as that hippie-dippy lightweight who got his ass handed to him by Bob Dylan in that movie. But actually listen to the music, particularly some of the non radio hits, and a fuller picture gets revealed of a guy that was onto something uniquely his own, both musically (working the psychedelic edges with some very hot players) and lyrically: go looking for a good girl, end up at the edge of Hades, facing down the legions of Lucifer himself. Such is love.