727. dry your eyes

The cool kids were confused. What the hell was Neil Diamond doing at The Last Waltz, The Band’s farewell concert (still considered by many to be one of the greatest concerts in rock and roll history)? What he was doing was delivering the goods (in leisure suit, shades, freshly coiffed hair), destroying all notions of cool and uncool with a song that told the fierce and sad truth about what time does to us all. It removes us completely, but maybe if we cut the bullsh** at least some of the time, our songs remain.



1020. 4% pantomime

“The best part of that Band movie The Last Waltz is when Van Morrison hits the stage and they kick things through the stratosphere with Caravan. As far as I know, 4% Pantomime is the only other time they all hooked up on record, and the magic’s here too.  Good, less-than-lucid times all around.” (Philip Random)