809. too much of nothing

Speaking of the Basement Tapes, here we have Mr. Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan) and the band known as The Band (circa 1967) trading verses, talking about what seems to be the overall problem inherent in the downside of prolonged psychedelic (and other) amplification and expansion of one’s mind, body and soul. What do you do with all that nothing you’re feeling?  In the end, maybe just sing the blues.


1020. 4% pantomime

“The best part of that Band movie The Last Waltz is when Van Morrison hits the stage and they kick things through the stratosphere with Caravan. As far as I know, 4% Pantomime is the only other time they all hooked up on record, and the magic’s here too. Good, infectious, less-than-lucid times all around.” (Philip Random)