5. The Solid Time Of Change

Part five of the Solid Time of Change aired Saturday June-4-2016 c/o CiTR.FM.101.9.


Youtube playlist (possibly not the exact versions that were played). Podcast.

Also known as as the 661 Greatest Records of the so-called Prog Rock era, the Solid Time of Change is Randophonic’s current countdown project — an overlong yet incomplete history of whatever the hell happened between 1965 and 1979 – not in all music, not even in most of it, but definitely in a bunch of it.

What is Prog Rock? Is it different somehow from progressive rock, or for that matter, rock that merely progresses? These may seem like simple questions, but they are in fact doors that open unto some of the most complex enigmas of our time, which are best resolved by actually listening to the radio shows.


Part five of our journey went as follows:

  1. Yes – every little thing
  2. Yes – I see you
  3. Yes – no opportunity necessary no experience required
  4. Traffic – 40,000 Headmen
  5. David Bowie – memory of a free festival
  6. Renaissance – a trip to the fair
  7. Supertramp – Rudy
  8. Camel – first light
  9. Genesis – horizons
  10. Genesis – Can Utility and the Coastliners
  11. Cat Stevens – Angelsea
  12. Pink Floyd – Sysyphus
  13. Pink Floyd – + Cirrus [edit]
  14. Pink Floyd – pigs [three different ones]
  15. Melodic Energy Commission – song of the Delatron revises the scene
  16. Bo Hansson – divided thoughts [attic reality]
  17. Bo Hansson – flight to the ford

Solid Time of Change #6 airs Saturday, June 11th at 11 pm (Pacific time) c/o CiTR.FM.101.9, with streaming and download options available within twenty-four hours.