780. Premonition

Premonition was the first Simple Minds track I ever heard, and it came via mixtape – the follow up to an argument I’d had with a friend about so-called New Wave music.  Simplistic and annoying (my opinion) versus the cool sound of the future (his opinion). I was wrong. The proof was on that tape, Premonition sealing the deal with its big, dark groove. So much so that I was quick to grab the album, embrace the future, even if Simple Minds themselves would eventually come to truly, unironically earn their name, but that took at least five or six albums, so who’s really complaining?” (Philip Random)



1023. the American

The Simple Minds (from before they decided the world needed yet another U2 and thus became officially uncool), 1981 being the year that they released two solid albums in Britain (jammed into one for North American consumers), then hit the road with one of the hottest live shows on earth. It would never get any better.