758. raunchy

“According to my friend Jason who knows everything, the Ventures lack credibility because they were never a proper surf band. They just ripped off the surf sound and, being top notch musicians with access to top notch studios, their stuff often killed the originals in recorded form. Jason, all I can say is, purity is boring, particularly when applied to something as impure, mongrel, fuzz and raunch infested as surf infused rock ‘n’ roll. And anyway, Raunchy shouldn’t even be on the list as it was released in 1964, a year before the cut-off. Clearly, surf music (even if it’s impure) is capable of transcending the laws of space and time.” (Philip Random)



1086. psychedelic venture

The Ventures prove they can do psyche as well as the weirdoes. From 1967, which means nobody seems to remember anything about it.  And yet we do have this album as evidence.  Gatefold sleeve, crazy shapes and colours.  A few half-assed covers but it’s the originals that stand out with titles like kandy koncoction, 1999 AD (still the future back then), endless dream and, of course, psychedelic venture.